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Briefing Panels at the IETF

Panel Photo
The Internet Society organizes technology briefing panels to be colocated with IETF meetings. Over lunch one day during the week, we arrange a panel to discuss a topic that is relevant to IETF attendees but somewhat beyond the normal realm of discussion in the standards setting process.
We began these briefing panels at IETF 74 in San Francisco, and the topics have included IPv6, DNS security, Internet evolution, and more. Panels generally consist of a moderator and a few subject matter experts, open with statements on the topic from the experts, and allow time for questions from the audience. Read and subscribe to the Internet Technology Matters blog for updates as panels, topics, and panelists are announced.

IETF 97 Panel

The Briefing Panel at IETF 97 was on "The I in IoT: Implications for a Global Open Internet." Read more about the panel and watch the video archive here.

Previous Briefing Panels: