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Manage Your Identity

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Every time we log onto the web we access (and add to) our own personal digital footprint that’s interconnected with plug-ins, links, and massive caches of personal data that follows us around.

Learn About Your Digital Identity 

While none of us can control everything that’s known about us online, there are steps we can take to better understand our online identities and be empowered to share what we want, when we want.

The Internet Society developed three interactive tutorials to help educate and inform anyone who would like to find out more

Each lasts about 5 minutes and will give a great foundation when it comes to making informed choices about our unique online identities.

Watch The Tutorials

Tutorial 1:
Tutorial 2:
Tutorial 3:
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This tutorial will explain some of the key differences between your online and "real life" identity, recognize the nature of digital identities, and understand the difference between online identity and personal privacy. Watch the tutorial now. This tutorial will explain the key concerns related to online identity and privacy, recognize what kind of user information is collected and why, identify the ways of controlling the privacy of your online identity. Watch the tutorial now. This tutorial will explain the challenges in protecting online identities and help you recognize the ways you can protect your online identity. Watch the tutorial now.

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Provide Us With Your Feedback

Once you've completed all three tutorials, please take a few minutes to provide us with your thoughts. Your feedback will be anonymous and thanks again for your participation as we value your input.

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