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Intellectual Property

intellectual property
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Intellectual property is currently at the center of an international debate regarding how to reconcile the potential of the Internet with traditional intellectual property approaches.

Two principal approaches have emerged:

  1. Internet intermediaries in enforcement and;
  2. Using Internet technical measures to prevent access to unauthorised content.

The question of new technology also raises intellectual property issues: domain names are often inextricably linked with trademark issues; and the ease with which digital technologies allow for copying and distribution challenges copyright law enforcement.

The outcomes of these debates may have serious implications your ability to access and use the Internet unmonitored.

We Focus On:

The Internet Society works on Internet-related intellectual property issues and aims to add its expertise to discussions such as the use of technical measures and the role of Internet intermediaries.

We also work in the area of access to digital content, including access to content in local languages through local language interfaces, and access for persons with disabilities.

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