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How can technology play a role in innovation those solutions?
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The world is facing unparallelled challenges.  How will we find solutions to things like increased energy demands, ageing populations, and a rapidly shifting global economy? How can technology play a role in those solutions? The key lies in innovation.

We Focus On:

We are dedicated to working with governments, business, and communities to help ensure these decision makers feel empowered to reach out beyond boundaries to explore new ideas and visions. 
Our community and unique foundations in technology, policy, and communication expertise is a trusted partner with all levels of decision makers and people around the world to help build policies and awareness about possible solutions to some of the worlds greatest challenges.
We recognise the importance of innovation when it envisions a future in which "people in all parts of the world can use the Internet to improve their quality of life because standards, technologies, business practices, and government policies sustain an open and universally accessible platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity."