Mr. Pindar Wong

Digital 21 Strategic Advisory Committee

Pindar is based in Hong Kong and is an Internet pioneer. He serves on the Digital 21 Strategic Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Government, the task force that promotes Hong Kong as a hub for innovation, cooperation and trade in ICT (Information and Communications Technologies).  Using valuation and pricing models from the financial industry, he is working to establish Hong Kong as a centre for Intellectual Property (IP) Trading by creating open standards for Digital Copyright Exchange (DCE). 

In 1993, he co-founded HK’s first commercial internet service provider and in 1999 served as the first Vice-Chairman of the ICANN Board (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). As a former elected Trustee of the Internet Society (2003-2006), Pindar actively promotes the adoption of 'open standards-based' technologies. He is particularly interested in fostering Asia's creative talents and in 2008 he helped introduce Creative Commons to Hong Kong where he serves as the Co-Public Lead.

Pindar’s previous leadership roles within in the Internet community among others included Chairman of the Asia Pacific Internet Association, Alternate Chair of Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, Vice-Chairman of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Board Member of the Public Interest Registry (.ORG), Board Member of the Internet Society, Member of the Technical Advisory Board for Packet Clearing House, Editorial Advisory Board Member for Cisco Systems IP Journal, Advisor to the UNDP Asia Pacific Development Information Programme, Advisor to the Asia Pacific Networking Group, Associate Member of the UNESCO’s Orbicom Network and School Council Chairman for the The Island School.

He graduated with First Class Honours in Computing Science from Imperial College London and was a Sir Edward Youde Research Fellow.