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AXIS Project and AXIS Workshops

The Internet Society was selected by the African Union (AU) on the 23rd of August to conduct community mobilization and technical aspects workshops to support the establishment of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in AU Member States as part of the African Internet Exchange System (AXIS) project.

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

The AXIS project aims at keeping Africa’s Internet traffic local to the continent by providing capacity building and technical assistance to facilitate the establishment of National Internet Exchange Points and Regional Internet Exchange Points in Africa.

The project is funded by the Euro-Africa Infrastructure Fund and the Government of Luxembourg. The Internet Society is committed to organizing 60 community mobilization and technical aspects workshops in 30 African countries. To this effect, the Internet Society has also contributed its own resources for the implementation of this component of the AXIS project.

Developing a Locally Operated Pan-Africa Internet

Currently, much of Africa’s Internet traffic is routed through Internet exchange points external to the African continent.  As countries establish their own IXPs, Internet traffic will be routed locally, creating a downward pressure on costs and stimulating growth in and distribution of local Internet content.  

Through the AXIS project, the interests of the AU and the Internet  Society, working with other African Internet organizations such as AfriNIC, AfNOG and AftLD, will be realized in this collaborative effort to assist in the development of a more locally operated and, hence, more robust and economically accessible pan-African Internet.

Types of Workshops

So far, several workshops have been organized and successfully held. Two types of workshops are organized:

Best Practice workshops

These workshops involve bringing in the relevant stakeholders in the country and educating them on the benefits of an exchange point.

Technical Aspects Workshops

These build technical capacity at the Network Operators in the country as to how to effectively participate in an exchange point.

More Information

For more information about the workshops or to enquire as to the possibility of having a workshop in your country, please send an email to

Past and Upcoming Workshops

Click here for the list of past and upcoming workshops.