IPv6 Content Roadmap

The Deploy360 Programme staff has been collecting requirements and feedback for IPv6-related content from the community here at the Deploy360 site, from within social networks and at our ION conferences.

Based on that feedback, this document is an analysis of the IPv6-related content that needs to be added to the Deploy360 Programme website.

If you know of current content that you believe would fit our roadmap below, or if you are interested in writing or creating a listed piece of content, please contact us. We also appreciate any feedback on this roadmap – will the resources we have listed here help you make the transition to IPv6?

Please note that we are always looking for the following kinds of information:

The resources below are listed in the rough order of priority that we would like to add them to the Deploy360 site:

BasicsWe need a page that points to the different resources for CPE vendor equipment information and certification. Ex. RIPE-554 and also UNH-IOLRIPE-554: http://www.ripe.net/ripe/docs/current-ripe-documents/ripe-554. Also UNH-IOL and IPv6 Ready Logo program
BasicsIPv6 security page - needs improved informationPage is at /deploy360/ipv6/security/
BasicsA resource page that brings together pointers to IPv6 transition resourcesEx. videos from RIPE NCC, RFC 6180
BasicsAnimated video explaining IPv6.Currently under development.
ARIN Video
BasicsSlide deck that explains value of IPv6 to managers
BasicsDescription of DHCP in IPv6: SLAAC vs DHCP and the need for DHCP options
BasicsComparison of IPv4 network services to IPv6 - what changesFinished
Case StudiesMultiple case studies are needed. Could exist in different forms such as

  • blog posts
  • video or audio interviews
  • slide decks
  • existing presentations at recent industry conferences
Consumer ElectronicsPage outlining different test programs (UNH-IOL) and also CEA activities
Developers, EnterprisesChecklist of things to consider when evaluating if an application will work over IPv6.
BasicsA review of and guide to relevant RFCs related to using IPv6.Comparison of Services
TutorialsTutorial on setting up an IPv6 "test lab" that could be used by developers, enterprises or network operators
TutorialsTutorial on configuring IPv6 on Linux systems (could be multiple for different Linux systems)Finished
TutorialsTutorial on configuring IPv6 on Microsoft WindowsFinished
TutorialsTutorial on configuring IPv6 on Mac OS X.Finished
DevelopersPage listing developer libraries supporting IPv6
DevelopersDocument about how to support dual-stack applications, with reference to "Happy Eyeballs" documentsHappy Eyeballs
ToolsAny new tools to help in the deployment of IPv6
ToolsVideo tutorials/screencasts of various tools
BooksA page listing books both free and commercial related to IPv6.Several free books are listed as resources, but we need an overall page bringing those all together.
BooksReviews of those books with commentary.

Feedback on this roadmap is definitely welcome. Thank you.

Back in 2012, we went through an exercise identifying pieces of content we felt needed to be included in the IPv6 section of the site in order for it to be “complete”.  Many of the resources suggested below have been included in the site.  Others have now been included in the roadmap list above.  The full list is maintained here as a reference.

IPv6 Basics


  • Introductory video explaining what IPv6 is all about (created or curated)
  • Simplified roadmap for how to deploy IPv6
  • Instructions for how to configure IPv6 on different operating systems and mobile devices
  • Suggestions to help validate the accuracy of IPv6 capability claims of vendor products
  • Pointing to existing lists of equipment known to work with IPv6
  • Basic guidelines for IPv6 security (open up a separate section on the site?)
  • Information on network planning with IPv6
  • Guidelines for IPv6 address allocation planning
  • IPv6 routing best practices
  • IPv6 RFC review
  • How to obtain IPv6 address allocations from the RIRs
  • IPv6 diagnostic and troubleshooting tools
  • Tutorial on how to set up an IPv6 test lab using tunnelbrokers and other systems


  • Videos of IPv6 configuration on different operating systems and mobile devices
  • Video/screencast of setting up an IPv6 test lab
  • Pointers and reviews to books/ebooks related to IPv6
  • Animated video (Common Craft-style) that explains IPv6 to common audience
  • Videos/screencasts related to IPv6 security

IPv6 Case Studies


  • Case study (text) with a large ISP
  • Case study with a wireless ISP
  • Case studies with multiple developers of different types of applications
  • Case studies with multiple content providers
  • Case studies with consumer electronics manufacturers
  • Case studies with enterprises who have moved their networks to IPv6


  • Video case studies with all of the above
  • Audio versions of the case studies
  • Slide presentation(s) summarizing these case studies
  • Webinars with case study participants
  • Design and publish “deployment scenarios” for IPv6 that are suited to specific industry segments rather than rely solely on case studies

IPv6 Training


  • Identification of courseware available for open/free usage
  • Further identification of IPv6 courses available
  • Train-the-Trainer courseware


  • Creation of additional written courseware
  • Creation of deployment-focused e-learning / video tutorials
  • Ongoing webinar series offering IPv6 education
  • Develop and standardize a training package for IPv6 that trainers and consultants can use as a base for educating their customers

Network Operators


  • Guidelines for considerations for moving networks to IPv6
  • Case studies (previously covered above)
  • Questions to ask vendors regarding IPv6 support
  • Pointers to databases of IPv6-enabled equipment


  • Commissioned analyst whitepapers on IPv6 migration
  • Videos/screencasts related to IPv6 transition
  • Materials related to IPv6 multihoming
  • Maintaining actual database of IPv6-enabled equipment
  • Marketing materials to help operators promote IPv6 to their customers



  • Guidelines for migrating applications or services to IPv6
  • Case studies (previously covered above)
  • Pointers to open source or reference implementations of IPv6
  • Pointers to IPv6 test tools and sites
  • Tutorials/considerations for operating in a dual-stack environment
  • Information about IPv6 transition mechanisms
  • Information about use of “Happy Eyeballs” (RFC 6555)


  • Videos/screencasts showing use of IPv6 libraries
    • Commissioning of IPv6 shows on existing developer-focused video podcasts
  • Creation of open source test tools and/or libraries

Content Providers


  • Case studies
  • Information about using hosting providers that support IPv6
    • Listings of IPv6 hosting providers
    • Questions to ask your current hosting provider
  • Information/tutorials about using content delivery networks (CDNs) that support IPv6
  • Information/tutorials about using relay/proxy services to IPv6-enable content
  • Information/tutorials about transition technologies identified in RFC 6589


  • Videos/screencasts demonstrating IPv6 at hosting providers
  • Videos/screencasts demonstrating use of CDNs with IPv6
  • Videos/screencasts demonstrating relay/proxy services
  • Videos/screencasts demonstrating transition technologies

Consumer Electronics Manufacturers


  • Case studies
  • Information about business case / value in using IPv6
  • (similar information as with Developers in how to add IPv6 support to a device)


  • (Same video screencasts as under IPv6 Basics and Developers)

Enterprise Customers


  • More material helping C-levels understand the need to deploy IPv6
  • Business case / cost benefit analysis support for IPv6
  • Case studies
  • Practical guide to IPv6 address management tools
  • Information about different types of IPv6 address blocks (PA vs PI)


  • Commissioned analyst whitepapers on IPv6 migration
  • Videos/screencasts related to enterprise usage of IPv6
  • Slides / materials to help enterprise advocates promote IPv6 within their enterprise

Additional Content

The following content was requested at ION events and does not currently have a section within the Deploy360 site.


  • Information about consultants
  • Online forum for user discussion at the portal
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