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IAB Warns That All Networking Standards Need To Fully Support IPv6


This week the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) issued a strong statement warning that any networking standards developed by Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) need to fully support IPv6. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is of course the major SDO developing networking standards for the Internet, but many other standards organizations base their standards on IETF standards.  For instance, any Read more…

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Facebook, Akamai Pass Major Milestone: Over 50% IPv6 from US mobile networks

World IPv6 Launch statistics

Wednesday was a major milestone for Facebook. For the first time, more people connected over IPv6 than IPv4 from the four major US mobile networks! Facebook’s Paul Saab wrote about this on (where else?) Facebook: His text: Today marks the first day that more people used IPv6 to access Facebook than IPv4 from the 4 Read more…

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World IPv6 Launch: Four Years On…

World IPv6 Launch logo

Four years ago today – 6 June 2012 – was World IPv6 Launch that aimed to fundamentally change the Internet by making the IPv6 the new norm for service providers, device manufacturers and of course users. And the past year has seen some very strong growth in IPv6 with a number of major ISPs deploying it, others Read more…

Starting June 1, Apple Requires All iOS Apps To Work in IPv6-ONLY Networks

Apple iOS 9 logo

Back at their June 2015 WWDC event, Apple announced that all iOS 9 applications must support IPv6. This week Apple declared that as of June 1 all apps submitted to the AppStore MUST support IPv6-only networking.  From Apple’s blog post: At WWDC 2015 we announced the transition to IPv6-only network services in iOS 9. Starting Read more…

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IPv6 reaches 10,000 ISPs in Europe and northern Asia

It’s worth pointing out the announcement from the RIPE NCC last week, that they reached the milestone of 10,000 Local Internet Registries (LIRs) having receiving IPv6 addresses. This leaves around 3,000 LIRs that still only have IPv4 addresses, although the uptake of IPv6 addresses has increased substantially since mid-2012. In the way RIPE NCC is structured, the “LIRs” Read more…

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Making IPv6 Work

It’s worth highlighting an interesting blog by George Michaelson at APNIC Labs who considers some of the operational and business support challenges of deploying IPv6. He argues that whilst enabling IPv6 may be relatively straightforward nowadays, there are significant challenges to adapting the network management and monitoring systems such as address assignment, reverse DNS, SNMP and Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF94, Day 3: TLS, 6MAN & Internet-of-Things

ROW workshop at IETF 92

The third day at IETF 94 in Yokohama brings a bit of a scheduling conflict for the Deploy360 team with both the TLS and IPv6 Maintenance sessions being held at the same time. There’s also an overlapping meeting of the proposed Thing-to-Thing Research Group which has implications for the Deploy360 technologies, so with just two of us on the ground Read more…

Google Stats Now Showing Over 8% IPv6

Google IPv6 stats

A nice way to end a Friday afternoon… I happened to look at Google’s IPv6 statistics for the first time in a while and see that they’ve climbed up over 8%! We’ve kind of stopped celebrating each individual percentage point because the reality is the graph just keeps on going up and to the right Read more…

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Swisscom Doubles IPv6 Deployment – Verizon Wireless Hits 70% IPv6

Swisscom IPv6 statistics

Some great news for IPv6 advocates in the latest August 2015 World IPv6 Launch measurements. As our colleague Mat Ford writes, Swisscom doubled their deployment over the past few months to near 40%! Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless continues its steady climb to where the sites measuring activity are now seeing 70% IPv6 deployment from Verizon’s network: Read more…

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Video of Apple WWDC Session About IPv6 and iOS 9 Now Available (And Some Screenshots…)

WWDC video about IPv6

Want more info about Apple’s new requirement for IPv6 support in iOS 9 applications?  At last week’s WWDC on Friday, June 12, 2015, the session “Your App and Next Generation Networks” covered the topic of IPv6 as well as latency and how to improve the speed of your apps.  The video is now available for Read more…

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