Christine Runnegar

Christine Runnegar

Senior Director, Internet Trust

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Christine Runnegar is Senior Director, Internet Trust at the Internet Society. She leads the Internet Society’s policy agenda on Internet trust, engaging with policy, enforcement, standards and operational communities where important work on Internet trust issues is happening.

She’s actively engaged in global and regional Internet policy development with international and regional fora such as the OECD, APEC, Council of Europe, and the Global Conference on Cyberspace. Christine has positively influenced the outcome of leading policy norms on privacy and security for the Internet such as the revised OECD Privacy Guidelines, Digital Security Risk Recommendation, and the Internet Policy Making Principles. She also played a key role in the development of the Internet Society’s Collaborative Security framework.

Prior to joining the Internet Society in 2009, Christine was a Senior Executive Lawyer employed by the Australian Government Solicitor. As a lawyer for the Australian government, Christine worked in a variety of areas, principally in competition and consumer protection law, but also in administrative law, taxation law, privacy and freedom of information law, corporate regulation and commercial law, information technology, and communications law (specifically anti-spam law).

Christine holds Bachelor degrees in Economics, and Laws (with Honours) from the Australian National University. She is qualified to serve as a panelist to resolve .au domain name disputes under the .au Dispute Resolution Policy.

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