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What is Internet Public Policy?

Our work is based upon our fundamental belief that the Internet is for everyone. In pursuing our objectives, we operate collaboratively and inclusively, working with governments, national and international organizations, civil society, the private sector, and other parties to reach decisions about the Internet that conform to our core values. A primary focus of our public policy work is Internet governance which in 2015 is focused on these three areas:

Our work is informed by the results of our March 2015 Internet Governance Survey and we created an Internet Governance Timeline to help track the many events happening over the course of 2015.

How We Work

We work in a multi-stakeholder fashion towards the development of an Open and Sustainable Internet for the benefit of all people. Because the Internet impacts all of us, we work with partners globally of all shapes and sizes to make sure we can address a wide range of social, economic, and policy issues that interfere with an open and sustainable Internet.  For more information regarding our community and partners please visit our Community and Partners Page.


Public Policy Blog

  • At last week's Computing, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) conference in Brussels, I had an exceptional set of panellists to moderate on the topic of ethical data-handling:

    Michelle Dennedy (Chief Privacy Officer, Cisco) Gemma Galdon Clavell (Founding Partner, Eticas Consulting) Gloria Gonzalez Fuster (Research Professor, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Daniel Pradelles (@@@, Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

    Our session was ably chaired by Jacques Bus (Founder, Digital Enlightenment Forum).

    Ethical data-handling is a strange beast: in one sense, it is still a new and emerging...

    Date published 04 February 2016

  • Para ISOC es un agrado comunicar que gracias al esfuerzo y colaboración de nuestra comunidad , hoy se realizará el lanzamiento de nuestro primer Compendio de Políticas de Públicas de Internet en idioma español . Este compendio, nace como resultado de identificar la necesidad de nuestra comunidad de comprender temas relacionados con la Gobernanza de Internet por medio de un abordaje común y simple. El propósito final de este compendio , es brindar una perspectiva concisa de Internet Society en temas críticos de Internet y servir como referencia para informar y/o guiar a gobiernos, creadores...

    Date published 02 February 2016

  • We are pleased to inform you that through the efforts and collaboration of our community, today we are launching our first compendium of Internet Policy Briefs in Spanish. This compendium is the result of identifying the need of our community to understand issues related to Internet governance through a common and simple approach. The ultimate purpose of this compendium is to provide a concise view of Internet Society positions on critical Internet issues and serve as a reference for information and / or guide to governments, policy makers and other stakeholders in the process.


    Date published 02 February 2016

  • Let’s use Data Privacy Day (28 January 2016) to advocate for respect of Internet users’ privacy across the world!

    User privacy faces more challenges today than ever before: mass online surveillance; commercial profiling; tracking; an Internet of sensors; and even confidential communications are at risk through governmental attempts to limit the use of encryption.

    That is why it is so important that we, as Internet users, assert our rights and expectations, demand effective protection, and challenge practices that undermine our privacy.

    It’s a question of ensuring an...

    Date published 28 January 2016

  • Data Privacy Day 2016 is almost upon us (Thursday 28th Jan), and I'll be hosting a panel on ethical data-handling at CPDP2016 to mark the occasion. But more about that later.

    Meanwhile, over on the Internet Policy mailing list[1] a discussion is raising some very interesting topics whose relevance will continue to grow in the coming months. The discussion started with Bill Drake posting a link to a paper he co-authored with Vint Cerf and Wolfgang Kleinwachter, on "Internet Fragmentation: an Overview"; the paper was launched recently at the World Economic Forum, and it's well worth...

    Date published 27 January 2016