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Knot DNSKnot DNS is an authoritative DNS name server that can be used to serve out zone records and includes support for DNSSEC and DANE.  One of the key design goals is to provide simple DNSSEC support for dynamic DNS.  Knot DNS is developed by the team at CZ.NIC and can be found at:

It is available pre-packaged for several versions of Linux and also as source code as a release or directly from a git repository.

Knot DNS is highly scalable and used by CZ.NIC for the operation of the .CZ TLD. It was developed with the target audience of network operators and DNS operators in mind but can be used by anyone needing to serve out DNS records.

For an overview of Knot DNS, you can view this short video interview with Jaromir Talir of CZ.NIC:

Prior to this interview, Jaromir had spoken on stage at ENOG 6 in Kiev, Ukrain, in more detail about Knot DNS. His ENOG 6 slides about Knot DNS are online and a video recording of his presentation is available:

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