Identified topics of BCOP documents

We keep receiving the suggestions for topics from around the world:

      • BCP 38 (rfc 2827) with BCP 84 (rfc 3704) Ingress Filtering Implemented at every access router and switch as appropriate for:
        •       Single host
        •       Non-Transit subnet
        •       Registered sub-network transit (tell ISP of additional address spaces)
        •       Open Transit (restrict to BGP?)
        •       ……
    • BGP policies in general
      • Having examples in some popular variants would be great Juniper, Cisco, BIRD, OpenBGPD
      • Something like “Cisco ISP Essentials”, but revised and shorter.
      • Community controlled policies/route-maps for BGP
      • Register External Routing Policy in RIPE Db. Ask Peers to comply with this doc (? Inter-RIR ?) ? Apply route filtering
      • rfc 2870 (BCP 40)
      • rfc 2219 BCP 17
      • rfc 2182 BCP 16
      • DNS auth and recursive, separate “servers” to ensure not opening up auth server for recursion.
      • rfc 2505 (BCP 30)
    • ICMP filtering
      • Blocking all of ICMP is bad for users and the internet. It prevents PMTU from working and is required for a lot of testing.
    • Pingable attribute in whois
    • CoPP (Control Plane Policing)
      • in general
      • for IPv6
    • How to test your network performance
      • Recommending some starting point for common testing inside networks, examples and tools like iperf and smokeping
    • How to check your visibility from global Internet (few starting suggestions):
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  2. Paul says:

    It would be nice if those links were clickable.

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