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WCIT Postmortem

Internet Society US Washington, D.C. Chapter

Wondering what happened at the WCIT and why it was important? The Internet Society's US Washington D.C. Chapter organized a WCIT Postmortem to help answer questions like:

  • What motivated certain Member States to include aspects of the Internet in the ITRs?
  • Some of technical community say that certain proposals could lead to fragmentation of the global Internet. What does this mean and how did it play out at the WCIT?
  • What will be the impact on the global Internet infrastructure?
  • For countries with concerns about security or fraud or connectivity costs, what are the alternatives to solving these challenges besides the WCIT
  • What should be the role of groups like the Internet Society in this discussion?

You can watch the discussions below:

Watch live streaming video from internetsocietychapters at