Israel Rosas

Israel Rosas

Director, Partnerships and Internet Development


I’m Director, Partnerships and Internet Development at the Internet Society. In this role, I foster our connections to new and existing partners, bringing value to our collaborations in favor of an open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet for everyone.

I also work with technical communities to facilitate the conditions for the Internet to grow and to be more secure. You’ll see me close to activities related to routing security, peering, and access.

While I studied Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering, I enjoy working in the intersection of technical, policy, and community issues. I’ve been part of different teams, including the Office of the Presidency of Mexico, where I represented my country in different multilateral and multistakeholder fora at the regional and global levels.

If you ever pass by Toronto, I’ll be glad to share my favorite coffee shops and the best places to take astonishing pictures.

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