Stine Philipsen

Stine Philipsen

Individual Memberships and Campaigns Manager

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I'm part of the Community Engagement team at Internet Society. As the Individual Memberships and Campaigns Manager, I help find ways to bridge the brilliant work that takes place internally and across our community. My team and I do this through community organizing, member journeys, and customer service. Essentially, we match up incredible humans across the spectrum for enhanced collective impact, and we mobilize Internet advocates to effectively engage in support of our mission.

My background is in international development with a passion for people and universal well-being. I believe the world is overflowing with untapped potential. My greatest motivation comes from helping to remove barriers to personal and communal success in order to see individuals flourish and societies thrive.

When I clock out of work, you'll find me anywhere but behind a screen. Our bodies were made to move, so I'll be outdoors enjoying nature, or finding any excuse to burn off energy and get my daily dose of movement endorphins.

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