Stine Philipsen

Stine Philipsen

Individual Memberships and Campaigns Manager

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Stine Philipsen is part of the Community Engagement team at the Internet Society. She is responsible for the coordination and implementation of ISOC Chapter funding programs and supports the development and engagement of ISOC Chapters and Individual Members. As the Individual Memberships and Campaigns Manager, she helps drive change, empower members and mobilize a global community working for an Internet as a vehicle for inclusion, equality of opportunity, and prosperity.

Stine holds a MSc in International Development with a specialization in Education and Children’s Rights from the University of Amsterdam, during which she conducted independent research with street children in Nicaragua. She equally holds a Master’s in International Business from EAE Business School in Madrid, and a Bachelor’s in Communications from Aalborg University in Denmark.

She has been working with the Internet Society since October 2019 after a decade of enriching experiences in the field of international development, education, youth development, and community engagement across three continents and the digital space. She is excited to continue her journey with the Internet Society to help bring innovative and impactful solutions to life with and for the global community.

Stine is now based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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