Jon Peterson

Jon Peterson

Member, Internet Society Board of Trustees


Jon Peterson was appointed to the ISOC Board of Trustees by the Internet Architecture Board in 2021.

Jon is a Fellow at Neustar, Inc. He is best known for his early work on telephone softswitch technology, and subsequently for his contributions to the development of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). In the IETF, Jon has served on the Steering Group as Director of the Transport Area (2003-2006), the Real-time Applications Area (2006-2009), and then as a member of the Internet Architecture Board (2009-2013). He has chaired several working groups, and authored or co-authored more than forty RFCs. His most recent work has been on STIR, an anti-robocalling technology.

Jon has also served on ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee, and participated in numerous international standards bodies, consortia, and government groups.