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Glenn McKnight

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Glenn has been dedicated to the promotion of an Open Internet and low-cost Internet connectivity for disadvantaged communities.

Internationally he worked for the Linux Professional Institute as the director of Programming and Certification whereupon he created a series of Linux certifications and was active in advocating for free and open software solutions around the world.

In the Canadian context he managed for Industry Canada in Toronto to provide training, computers and training for nonprofit organizations. Also, he worked with a team for the Ontario Volunteer Online programme to help teach nonprofit organizations on creating a digital strategy.

Since 2009 he has been active in ICANN as a chair/secretariat and Nomcom member. As a member of IEEE and the IEEE Humanitarian Committee he has been from the start of the Humanitarian Technology Challenge (HTC) efforts to support local solutions for reliable energy, community connectivity and Individual records. These three strategies embraced the Sustainable Development Goals.

As a cofounder of the ISOC Canadian chapter in 2013 he then moved on to serve a three-year term with ISOC Board until 2020 and during this time he served on the Governance and Nominations committees.

Over the years as he attended ISOC and ICANN meetings, he made a special effort to connect with local projects in providing - at no cost - used laptops, routers, modems and other items to help local communities with their connectivity. He has donated dozens of pieces of equipment to Puerto Rico, Uganda, Kenya, Vietnam and others.

His recent efforts have been focused on creating an extensive free online course on Internet Governance launched in Sept 2020 and work is underway for a Portuguese, French and Spanish version of the course. The current course is being delivered to 400 students with the vast majority from Africa and Asia.

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