Dominic Maccini

Dominic Maccini

Planning and Reporting Coordinator


I joined the Internet Society in August 2022 as the Planning and Reporting Coordinator. I focus on the overall coordination of activities and ensuring we stay organized and on track. I also play a very important role in delivering quality and consistency for our most critical and complex processes, such as annual planning and impact reporting.

Prior to working with the Internet Society, I worked as an associate for the nonprofit organization Jeff’s Granola. During this time, I managed a variety of projects simultaneously. I designed various sales presentations and marketing materials, managed donation requests, and conducted communications with vendors and customers to ensure annual growth. I’m passionate about making an impact and creating positive change through organized and critical thinking.

During my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, spending time outside and learning about nature, taking care of my pet cat and fish, and reading about the universe.