Moez Chakchouk

Moez Chakchouk


Graduated in 1998 from Sup’Com Engineering School, Moez received his M.S in Telecommunications from ENIT Engineering School in 2001. In 2009, he achieved his Ph.D in telecommunications and applied mathematics, under the joint tuition of El Manar University, Tunisia and Paris Descartes University, France. 

He started his career in December 1998 as a research engineer in CERT, the Tunisian Center for Research and Studies in Telecommunications. In 2002, he became the chief of the R&D project: RACINES. He joined in 2005 the Tunisian Telecommunication Regulation Authority (INT) first as chief of technical department, later he became the Head of Interconnection & Access. In March 2010, he was appointed as Adviser to the Minister of Communications Technology.

In Feb 2011 after the Tunisian revolution, Moez was appointed Chairman and CEO of the ATI (the former Tunisian Internet Agency), the incumbent internet operator in Tunisia since 1996. After his nomination and despite the difficult transitional situation in his country, he succeeded to make huge steps with the support of the Tunisian internet community towards the development of internet in Tunisia. During the implementation of his ambitious action plan to transform the ATI, he founded the first IXP (TunIXP) in the Maghreb region, that is now member of Euro-IX and Af-IX.   

In June 2013 while organizing and hosting the Freedom Online Conference —, Moez launched an open innovation labs in Tunisia (404Labs) in the same place used to host the censorship equipments during the dictatorship era.  

Moez is a fervent defender of online human rights, he participated in different forums and conferences and he is recently selected as a member of the Global Commission on Internet Governance —  

Moez is 38, married and father of two.