Jean-Jacques Subrenat

Jean-Jacques Subrenat


Jean-Jacques Subrenat has a wide international experience in positions of responsibility, including policy planning, funding and auditing development projects in many areas of the world, relations with individual countries or regional entities, and working with international organisations. He has often taken part in, and led, groups of professionals from different fields of expertise, cultural backgrounds and languages. He served as a diplomat in various areas of expertise (Asia and the Pacific, Europe, the Americas, scientific and development aid), including as an Ambassador for 10 consecutive years (Permanent representative to the WEU in Brussels, Ambassador to Estonia, Ambassador to Finland). He retired from the diplomatic service in 2005.

During his service on the ICANN Board (2007-10), he was (successively or simultaneously) active in several Committees: President's Strategy Committee (where he was one of the authors of the “Improving Institutional Confidence” document and recommendations ); Structural Improvements Committee; Public Participation Committee (as its first Chair). For over 2 years he advocated Board oversight on international and institutional relations, which until then was the exclusive domain of the CEO and senior management, and his proposal finally led to the creation of the ICANN Board's Global Relationships Committee, of which he was one of the initial members. Subrenat also served on several Board Working Groups: ccNSO Review (as its Chair), ALAC Review, several others.

Subrenat is currently a member of ICANN's ALAC (At-Large Advisory Committee), twice appointed by the ICANN Nominating Committee, 2010-2012, again 2012-2014. Soon after joining the ALAC, he proposed that this Advisory Committee, while continuing its valuable ongoing work, take a longer-term and broader view of the Internet's and ICANN's future challenges. His proposal was accepted, and the ALAC set up its Future Challenges Working Group (FCWG), of which he is the current Co-Chair. The FCWG produced the ALAC White Paper "Making ICANN Relevant, Responsive and Respected" (R3), available online in the 6 UN working languages . The FCWG is now starting work on “The global Internet as a space of freedom: the user perspective”.

Subrenat is invited to speak and debate on international affairs, Internet governance, global trends, social and cultural developments (among others: keynote address at the GIGA-1 conference in Hyderabad, 5 April 2012; universities and research centres in China 2010-13).

Languages: English (drafting, speaking in public, debating), French (native tongue), Chinese (good), Japanese (good), Finnish (passive).

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