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Glenn McKnight

Glenn McKnight

Former Internet Society Board Trustee

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Glenn McKnight is a co-founder of Internet Society Canada Chapter and held positions for three years as Treasurer, Secretariat and Board member.  In 2017, Glenn was elected to the Internet Society Board of Trustees by the Chapters for a 3-year term from 2017-2020.
Glenn has been actively involved with the Internet community since 2008 as a Member of the ICANN At-Large community with the current position as Chair, former Secretariat, ALAC member and Nomcom member. He currently serves on the Technology Taskforce, Accessibility Committee, Finance and Budget Committee and many more. He also has served on the PIR Advisory Board for three years. Lastly he has launched a free online course with the IEEE Foundation - Introduction to Internet Governance, a curated media-rich site. 
Glenn is the co-chair for the IEEE SIGHT Communication Working group funding low cost effective communication best practices. Member of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance,  IEEE Smart Villages Technology committee and, lastly, a working member of a hands-on implementation of a local Mesh Network solution working with the Amateur Radio Club.
He has had extensive nonprofit and for-profit board positions for more than thirty years together with a proven track record of active and productive committee work.  The business work has included the launch of the Baygen Windup Radio and distribution in Canada, and Operations Director for InkMedia computers the first Netbook (a competitor of OLPC).

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Glenn McKnight

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