Kittinan Sriprasert

Kittinan Sriprasert

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Kittinan Sriprasert is the Technical Manager at Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange (BKNIX) - First Layer 2 IXP in Thailand. He is also the first engineer who worked at BKNIX from the very beginning. He is responsible for developing overall infrastructures including network planning, operational optimization or maintenance and services to enhance the performance and security of Internet exchange infrastructures. Before BKNIX, he was a network engineer at Advance Info Services (AIS), Mobile & Broadband Operator in Thailand where his responsibilities were troubleshooting a network problem in various kind of services on different vendors and coordinating with several NOC from other service providers and also field engineers all over the country. He usually contributes to the workshop such as BGP, Network Monitoring etc. with University Network (UniNet) and Thailand Research and Education Network (ThaiREN). He is also a member of Thai Network Operators Group as a steering committee.

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