Michael Kende

Michael Kende

Senior Fellow and Visiting Lecturer, Graduate Institute, Geneva

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Michael is a Senior Fellow and Visiting Lecturer at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and a Senior Advisor at Analysys Mason. He is the former Chief Economist of the Internet Society, and prior to joining the Internet Society, Michael was a partner at Analysys Mason.

Michael has done a significant amount of work on promoting Internet development in emerging regions around the world, including many years of work on Internet interconnection and IXPs. Michael was the co-author of the original study on the benefits of IXPs in Kenya and Nigeria, and has also done studies on barriers to Internet infrastructure and how to promote local content availability in Africa.

Michael spent five years as a professor of Economics at INSEAD, a business school near Paris, before joining the Federal Communications Commission. At the FCC, Michael was the Director of Internet Policy Analysis, where he was responsible for managing a wide range of policy analyses and regulatory decisions.

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