John Gitonga

John Gitonga

Tunapanda Kibera CBO


John Gitonga is the Executive Director of Tunapanda Kibera CBO which runs Tunapanda Institute in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. Tunapanda institute bridges the digital divide by training the youth in Technology, Design, and Business skills and helps place successful graduates into entry-level positions while also retaining some of them to join Tunapanda’s apprenticeship program where they pursue and advance their skills of interest until they become professionals in their careers.

He has worked in the non-profit industry for over one and half decades where he helped the organizations to establish themselves and grow their business ideas to new levels. He is currently:

- Co-Lead for TunapandaNET (T-NET), a leading community network in Kibera which is championed by Tunapanda Institute. T-NET has built a computer network infrastructure that reaches schools, health centers, social groups and individuals and provides them with centralized data storage spaces, centralized content management systems, and Internet connectivity.
- Assistant Director of Communications and Learning & Evaluation Officer at HOPE for Ariang Foundation. HOPE for Ariang is a 501(c)3 US-Based not-for-profit which provides inclusive access to quality education to children and the youth in South Sudan. He started his work in this organization to fill the role of Project Coordinator where he provided oversight of programs and projects in Kenya and South Sudan while also working with the US entity to ensure the organization’s mission is realized with efficacy and efficiency.

Before joining Tunapanda and HOPE for Ariang Foundation, he worked as the chief ICT teacher and business developer at Tennessee Institute of Information Technology in Elburgon, Nakuru, Kenya. During his 8 years of practical experience in this institute, he engaged in major curriculum development & deployment and database management projects.

His educational background is in ICT and Business Leadership and Management where he applies his diverse knowledge and expertise in Human Centered Design (HCD). This helps all the projects he heads to always forge ahead and become more resilient and versatile when challenges increase. Below is an extract from his performance review by
the HOPE for Ariang Foundation:

“John has a high “growth mindset” and emotional intelligence. He never backs down from a challenge and is willing to take risks for organizational and personal growth. It has been a privilege to watch him grow in his role at HOPE for Ariang.”