Ted Hardie

Ted Hardie

Member, Internet Society Board of Trustees

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Ted Hardie was elected to the Board of Trustees most recently by the organizational members, having previously served after appointment by the IAB. He has been part of the development of a wide range of Internet-scale systems over thirty-plus years, from managing the trenching into Internet exchange points to developing application layer APIs.

Among other roles, he has been a member of the operations staff of SRI NIC, technical lead for the NASA NIC, Equinix’s initial Director of Engineering, Director of Internet and Wireless at Qualcomm, Managing Director of Panasonic’s Silicon Valley Wireless Research Center, a senior member of Google’s Internet Evangelism team, and Vice-President for Global Technical Standards at Cisco.

In addition he has served as an IETF Area Director, as member and chair of the Internet Architecture Board, and as a chair of ICANN’s RSS-GWG. As a technical speaker in policy contexts, he has presented to the U.S. Department of State, UK parliamentary committees, the European Commission, and a number of United Nations bodies.

Dr. Hardie received his bachelor’s degree from Yale and his doctorate from Stanford. He has been a Fulbright Fellow and a Yale-China Fellow, both in Hong Kong.

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