Akriti Bopanna

Akriti Bopanna

Global Policy and Advocacy Manager

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Akriti currently co-leads the Internet Society's project on Digital Sovereignty and has been heading their policy and advocacy work in India since January 2021.
Since the start of her career, she has been involved in advocating for stronger digital rights in international and national fora. As Chair of the Cross-Community Working Party on Human Rights at ICANN, Akriti designed and presented the first Human Rights Impact Assessment to their Government Advisory Council. She has also worked with the Government of India for a year, advising and drafting policies for them.

She was featured on UN’s Talking Tech initiative which highlights 200 women, globally, who are role models and leaders in the technology sector. The Thomson Reuters Foundation selected her as a Changemaker in 2022 as part of their advocates' cohort. Akriti loves writing and has published extensively on various facets of internet governance.

She is based in Bangalore, India.

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