Chapter Admin Funding

The Chapter Admin Funding provides an annual contribution to help Chapters manage day-to-day activities. Those areas range from local registrations, legal and accounting costs, liability insurance for the Officers of the Chapters, contributions to the Chapter Toolkit project run by the ISOC NL Chapter, membership management, invoice processing, organization of the general assembly, or even general admin support.

2018 Application


  • The Chapter Evaluation reports will be used to define the eligibility of the Chapters.
  • The amount granted to each Chapter as well as the reporting required will depend on the evaluation classification.
  • Each Development manager will assign an amount to each Chapter to apply for funds, this amount will be provided during the evaluation performance meeting with each Chapter.

Note that ChapterAdmin funds must not be used to:

  • Organize external events, for this purpose, please apply for Beyond the Net Chapter Small Funding
  • Travel costs for Board members or Chapter members
  • Compensate Chapter officers for voluntary engagement

How to Apply

  1. Create a general Chapter Zoomgrants account, individual member applications will not be considered.
  2. Click on the apply button below and complete the Online Application form.

Refer to the Chapter List of Costs to complete your application.


  • Chapters/SIGs with pending reports for Beyond the Net or other funding cannot apply for these funds, until pending information is provided.
  • Chapters must justify the use of previous funds before applying for new funds.  
  • Funds will be paid providing that the above conditions are met.


Apply via ZoomGrantsTM

Disbursement of Funding

In order to begin the disbursement of funding the Chapter is required to:

  • Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in agreement with the Internet Society (ISOC) Terms and Conditions.
  • Provide Chapter bank account details as indicated below.

Funding will be paid only to the Chapter bank account indicated by Chapter board members at the time of application. Only in exceptional situations will Internet Society (ISOC) consider another way of payment. In this case, the bank form (found in the application request) needs to be signed by the Chapter President and two (2) board members.

Reporting Requirements

The Chapter is expected to describe and evaluate the activities undertaken and account for the use of grant funds during the reporting period. Financial reports must be prepared based on the budget submitted and approved via ZoomGrants. The chapter is also requested to keep all invoices for audit purposes. Failure to comply with these requirements will result to the request to return funds to ISOC and the suspension of the Chapter from any future funding.

Please download and complete the following template and upload it via Zoomgrants under the Documents Tab.

 All reports must be submitted before re-applying for further funding.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact or read ‘Chapter Admin Funding Frequently Asked Questions’ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is this program replacing the small grants program?
Both programs are under to Beyond the Net program, but they are not exclusive among them, this means that Chapters can apply for admin funds and for small grants as well.

• Is this program replacing website support?
Yes, all administrative costs as website maintenance, local registrations, legal and accounting costs, liability insurance for the Officers of the Chapters, membership management, invoice processing, organization of the general assembly, or even general admin support should be included in the budget.

• How will reporting work and do we have to present receipts for reporting?
When you apply, you will be asked for a budget and you will be granted with a period of time to spend it, then you will be asked to provide a reporting on how you finally use the money. We won’t ask for receipts, however, we will audit a random percentage of our Chapters per region, so, Chapters should keep the receipts for each applying period. Chapters that fail the audit, can not apply for the next period.

• Can the methodology of the Chapter Evaluation change?
Yes, for next year we will definitely do some changes according to Chapters and RBDs feedback.

• What happens if my Chapter have pending reports to Beyond the Net?
The Chapter will not be able to apply until the pending information is provided as requested and on time.

• How can my Chapter know the amount that will be awarded?
Every Chapter will be notified one day before the program opens. Information will be sent to the board according to the information in the system. ISOC will not be responsible for incorrect information in system, so please update information accordingly.