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Our Approach to Internet Development

Internet development is about people. 

Shared knowledge and collaborative relationships are key drivers of successful Internet growth, not technology alone.

We believe that:

  • Internet participants are colleagues capable of making unique contributions to their local Internet community and to the global Internet.
  • Internet development activities should promote information and experience sharing locally as well as facilitate the participation of local experts in global activities that influence future Internet directions.
  • Local people must be empowered to make informed choices about how best to use and apply a broad range of networking techniques, applications, and technologies to their local situations.
  • Long-term Internet development does not happen by imposing solutions.
  • To make a lasting impact, Internet development activities should aim to achieve self-sustainability through local Internet experts and technology.
  • Strong partnerships with local communities and organisations are necessary for achieving success.
  • Governmental bodies play a key role by promoting policy approaches and regulatory environments that enable Internet growth and deployment.  Decisions should be informed by sound information about the Internet and take advantage of multi-stakeholder approaches and input.