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12 September 2017

The initiative “Internet Coffee Talks” was created as a virtual project that enables this communication space, under a concept of relaxed and informal conversation, where the exchange of knowledge and perspectives among our members is encouraged. The format consists of a space of 60 to 90 virtual minutes, where members will make panels or presentations about topics of their interest, enabling the possibility of receiving questions from other members to encourage the chat. It is important to highlight that the Internet Society respects the perspectives and opinions of the community within these sessions, however, opinions should be taken as personal and do not represent an official position of Internet Society.

See below the details of the initiative:

How to participate?

If you are an ISOC member and you are interested in developing a panel, round table or presentation on a specific topic, you should only follow these instructions:

1. Send an email to with the following information:

A. Name and email of responsible person for the Coffee Talk.
B. Date and time (in UTC) in which you want to hold the session.
C. Topic to develop
D. Subtopics to be developed
E. Name and email of the panelists, speakers and / or moderators, with a biography no longer than 10 lines. There must be at least one staff member or board member of any Chapter or SIG in the session. If you do not have one, please specify it in the application for designation.
F. Agenda: Time distribution according to sub-topics. The chat cannot exceed a maximum of 90 minutes and must include a space to enable community questions.
G. The application must be sent 15 calendar days before the date in which you will hold the session.


  • All sessions should respect the principles and values of the Internet Society.
  • Once the meeting is scheduled and the invites to the community are sent, it is not possible to cancel or modify the day and time of the virtual session. If for force majeure reasons the organizer or a panelist cannot participate, the responsible person must assign a substitute person and notify within a period of no more than 2 days prior to the scheduled session date.
  • Applications that do not specify any of the above information will be rejected.
  • The virtual session has a maximum of 100 online participants.

2. Once the application is submitted, ISOC staff will evaluate the application and send an answer to the applicant. Approval of topics are left at the discretion of ISOC staff.

3. ISOC will be responsible for making the call to the members of the community (Latin America and the Caribbean) and will send the link for the virtual session (ZOOM).

4. The session will be recorded and uploaded to our regional YouTube channel.

What topics can be developed?

Topics related to the Internet in its different taxonomies: Infrastructure, standardization, public policy, economy, development, sociocultural, among others.

Who can participate?

The program is open to all ISOC members.

Who is the target audience?

All public. The sessions will be communicated in advance to our members so that they can choose the topics that they are most interested in.

Will you be charged for joining the call?

No, the access to sessions is completely free.

Which tools are we using for the Coffee Talks?

The sessions will be carried out using the ZOOM application that can be downloaded for free charge.

Important considerations
  • Any participant from either the panel or the community agrees that the meeting is recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel and our Regional monthly newsletter.
  • The Internet Society respects the perspectives and opinions of speakers and members within the sessions, however, opinions are personal and do not represent an official position from ISOC.
  • Internet Society is not responsible for covering costs related to the Coffee Talks, such as: speakers, panelists, audiovisual material, among others. ISOC will only provide the virtual channel and coordinate the call for the Members.
More information?

For more information, contact us at

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