The splinternet is the opposite of the Internet. The splinternet is the idea that the open, globally connected Internet we all use splinters into a collection of isolated networks controlled by governments or corporations.

Today, governments, businesses, and organizations worldwide are increasingly making decisions that could undermine the way the Internet works—and they might not know it. If we don’t protect the Internet, this will eventually result in a “splinternet”.

Here is how it could affect you:

Open InternetSplinternet


❗️ Different search engine, displaying only government-approved sources.


❌  Blocked

Wikipedia (English version)

❗️ Something that looks like English Wikipedia, but is in a different language—and may or may not actually be Wikipedia.

Your own website

❗ Some people may never see your site because they have to pay to see it – or you have to pay their provider for them to see it.

What You Can Do

a woman standing in front of the microphone at an event
See Something? Say Something!

Learn what causes a splinternet, and let us know of any threats near you at [email protected].

an antenna viewed from below with barbed wire around it
Ask Governments to #ProtectTheInternet

Ask your government officials to read our explainer and conduct Internet impact assessments on proposed new rules and regulations.

5 people looking at their phones with an antenna next to them
Spread the Message

Share information and advocate on social media using the hashtags #ProtectTheInternet and #StopTheSplinternet.

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