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Internet of Things (IoT) Special Interest Group

Making Daily Life Smarter

We perform non-commercial activities dedicated to IoT development, promotion, and education.

Our areas of focus are:

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Providing financial support for conferences, workshops, and roundtables in the field of IoT. (Activities should be non-commercial and can be co-funded up to USD 2000).

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Co-funding hackathons in the IoT field up to $5,000 USD. Organizers should clearly outline the objectives, total event funding, event location, country, and organizing entity. We only consider non-commercial requests.

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Assisting the preparation of educational materials and presentations on IoT topics, such as IoT for education, IoT for different economic fields, IoT for government and business, among others. Financial allocation can be discussed.

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Establishing an IoT Award for the best solutions, innovations, and achievements in the field.

Meet the Leadership Team

  • Chair: Vahan Hovsepyan
  • Vice-Chair: Daniel Otieno Omondi
  • Secretary: Dr.K.Vanitha
  • Treasurer: Anna Babahekyan
  • AMS Admin: Olawale Micheal Juwon
  • Planning and Reporting Officer: Mulualem Kumnera Fufa
  • Chapters Advisory Council Representative (ChAC): Dr AV Krishna Prasad

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