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Building Trust 1 October 2017

Vision for Trust

Securing the Internet of Things: A Collaborative & Shared Responsibility – The paper likens connected device security and privacy to global warming. It warns if there isn’t a concerted effort by all stakeholders, there will be a mass weaponization of devices—ranging from unlocking doors, disabling fire alarms, and the theft of personal and business property. OTA states that IoT devices are reaching a crossroads where regulation may be required. However, OTA acknowledges that passing regulation will take too long and will never keep pace with the evolving threat landscape.  One promising alternative is an inclusive, multi-stakeholder effort that recognizes the need for change and expresses a willingness to adopt self-regulatory frameworks. Self-regulation is not without its own challenges. While well intended, it is often the case that decision makers are not committed and the consensus-driven process results in little if any impactful results.  See March 7, 2017 Press Release >

IoT Shared Responsibilities

Vision for Trusted Email – Highly scalable and resilient, email offers significant value which the economy and society increasingly rely on. For businesses, email marketing is an affordable and effective way to reach customers, maintain loyalty, inspire purchases and establish positive consumer brand perception. Unfortunately, these same attributes have been exploited by cybercriminals and deceptive businesses as the “tactic of choice.” This white paper outlines the benefits of email authentication including the use of SPF, DKIM and DMARC as the authentication cocktail.

“Vision for Trustworthy Advertising.” The white paper outlines foundational principles required for growth and innovation in digital advertising, addressing mounting consumer issues. OTA discusses how the absence of meaningful privacy controls, lack of security assurances and click bait practices of native advertising harm the ad industry and the end-user. The organization also asserts consumers take “free” online content and services which are funded by advertising for granted, failing to fully appreciate the benefits they receive.  To maximize the vitality on online advertising OTA advocates the need to holistically address the: User Experience, Transparency, Device Performance, Security and Privacy.  See Press Release  More >

“Internet of Things, a Vision for the Future.” The white paper outlines the foundational principles required for growth and innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem—which consists of consumers, device manufacturers, application developers and marketers involved with connected home and wearable technologies. OTA lays out in the white paper how the processes, technologies and policies that protect users require ongoing support. Left unaddressed, IoT devices risk becoming proxies for abuse with a capacity for causing significant disruption. This ongoing support, coined “sustainability,” by OTA  includes the policies, practices and governance issues related to the ownership and transferability of the device and user data.  More >

Public Policy – Summary of OTA’s Position & Response to Government Requests for Comments

Research & Reports

Online Trust Audit; Analysis of Security, Privacy & Consumer Protection Best Practices

Native Advertising Transparency Report; Disclosures, Discoverability & Delineation

Email Marketing & Unsubscribe Audit

Data Breach & Incident Response Guide

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