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Newsletters 1 November 2018

Highlights from ISOC Africa – October 2018


Senegal First African Country to Implement Recommendations of ‘Personal Data Protection Guidelines for Africa

From 11 to 12 October 2018 the African Regional Bureau (ARB) co-organized, a multistakeholder workshop on Privacy and Personal Data Protection with Personal Data Protection Commission (CDP), the Ministry in charge of Digital Economy (MCTPEN) and the Internet Society Senegal Chapter . This workshop was recommended in the Personal Data Protection Guidelines for Africa launched during AIS2018 by the African Union Commission (AUC) and the Internet Society. Senegal has become the first African Union member to act on this recommendation and organize such a workshop that has brought together various stakeholders.

Internet Society submits comments for revision of Ethiopian Cybercrime law

Following the government of Ethiopia’s invitation, the Internet Society submitted comments for the revision of the Ethiopian cybercrime law. In relation, the ARB participated on 18 October 2018 in the Cybercrime Forum organized by the council of Europe and AUC where the Bureau made a presentation about the comments the Internet Society submitted for the revision of the Ethiopian cybercrime law. 

Promoting effective participation and management of Multistakeholder

The ARB held a training session on Tools for Effective Participation and Management of MS discussions during a Multistakeholder (MS) workshop held by Larry Strickling in Zanzibar from October 10- 11 2018. The Bureau had also the opportunity to attend and contribute to the African School on Internet Governance organized in Zanzibar from October 11- 16 2018 by APC and supported by the Internet Society.

Online training

The Online Training on the course “Introduction to Network Operations” in English and French has been completed for the cohorts that took the course between September and October 2018.

Chapters’ Updates

ISOC Senegal Chapter – Held successfully the 2018 Chapter’s election. The newly elected leadership that is mainly composed of 60% of women is now onboard. More at: http://isoc-senegal.org/general/renouvellement-du-bureau-de-isoc-senegal/

ISOC Chad Chapter – Successfully organized on 6 October 2018 an inauguration ceremony for the newly elected leadership. More at: https://isoc.td/news/ceremonie-de-passation-de-service/ .

ISOC Benin Chapter – Co-organized from 9-11 October the 2018 Benin DNS Forum and a successful collaborative DNS Hackathon. More at: http://dnsforum.bj/http://dnsforum.bj/dnsathon2018/

ISOC South Africa Gauteng Chapter – Successfully participated on 12 October in the 2018 South Africa School of Internet Governance and the 2018 South Africa Internet Governance Forum. More at: https://www.zaigf.org.za/

ISOC Botswana Chapter – Successfully launched on 19 October a flagship community program on Internet for Development in Rural Botswana. The Vice-President of the Republic participated in the launch. This project is one of the 15 chapters’ projects funded by the Internet Society Beyond the Net funding programme for 2018. More at: https://www.facebook.com/ISOCBotswana/

ISOC Benin, Burkina Faso, Congo and Zimbabwe Chapters – Have registered to organize viewing hubs for IETF 103, as part of the IETF Africa Initiative.

Upcoming Events 

28- 29 November 2018, Senegal: First MS workshop on IoT Security

6 November 2018, Ethiopia: First Ethiopian NOG together with the first IETF hub

4- 6 November 2018, Sudan: ARB sessions on Community Networks and on African Internet Institutions at the African IGF

5-9 November 2018, Benin, Burkina Faso, Congo, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius and Ethiopia: Remote Viewing hubs for the IETF 103 meeting

In the News

Senegal First African Country to Implement Recommendations of ‘Personal Data Protection Guidelines for Africa’

Protection des données personnelles, un atelier de réflexion et de partage lancé au Sénégal

Internet Society submits comments for the revision of the Ethiopian Cybercrime law

Africa Is on a Steady Journey to Digital Transformation

L’Internet des objets, Mythe et réalités en Guinée

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