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Online Course: Setting Up Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs)

Communication networks and information systems have become an essential factor in economic and social development. Computing and networking have now become ubiquitous utilities in the same way electricity or water supply are. The security of communication networks and information systems is therefore of increasing concern to society. Even the best information security controls, however, cannot guarantee that intrusions or other malicious acts will not happen. When computer security incidents occur, it is extremely critical for an organization to have an effective way to respond.

The goal of this online course is to provide high-level guidance on the scope, motivation and importance of establishing CSIRTs, and cover the process of setting up CSIRTs from all relevant perspectives such as business management, process management and the technical perspective.

Course Objectives

  • Define a CSIRT and provide background information on why they are needed
  • Provide information on different CSIRT environments and the services they provide
  • Describe the business management approach to setting up a CSIRT
  • Discuss the development of a business case and describe the funding methods for a CSIRT
  • Learn the operational and technical procedures of a CSIRT
  • Provide a summary of the CSIRT training that is currently available
  • Perform an exercise on carrying out basic CSIRT services

This moderated course is being currently updated and will be offered once ready.

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