We Are the Internet Society

Everyone should be able to connect to a trusted Internet. But billions can’t.

We’re changing that.

In landlocked Suusamyr, in the Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan, traditional economic models don’t necessarily work. Seeing the Internet as a path to economic opportunity, the Internet Society’s Kyrgyz Chapter created a community network, partnering with government, local ISPs, and the community itself.

49% of the world lacks Internet access.

We work to close the digital divide by going to communities that lack Internet access and teaching them how to build and maintain their own community networks. These are “do it yourself” networks built by people for people.

The community advocates gathered in Washington with a mission: set the facts straight on encryption and empower communities at risk. Working with the Internet Society, they walked away with resources to protect themselves and our society’s most vulnerable.

150,700 GB per second – global Internet traffic predicted by 2022

We help make it secure. Through our global advocacy for a trusted Internet, we help bridge the gap between policymakers and the technical community.

Making a difference.

What will you do?