Mr. Michael Snell


Mike Snell spent 12 years in various IT responsibilities at Cisco Systems, largely managing teams delivering a variety of global Networking and Storage related IT services. Titles included IT Program Manager, IT Business Process Architect and Sr. IT Manager. Groups Mike worked on included: Transport Design & Engineering, Infrastructure Business Planning, Networking & Data Center Services Program Office and both the Networking and Storage global service teams. Before changing to an IT career, Mike worked for Compaq, Tandem Computers and Digital Equipment Corporation in various facilities and corporate real estate management responsibilities (including data center and lab construction). He also ran his own facilities management consulting firm for several years, specializing in IT-related facilities design and construction projects.
In 2011, Mike took advantage of Cisco’s Enhanced Early Retirement Program because it was, well… pretty enhanced. While he is taking advantage of that to reinvent himself as a freelance writer on networking and the internet, he is helping the SF Bay Chapter develop their proposal for an Inter-Planetary Network Project. He’s also a member of the SF Bay Chapter Core Team. He’s very happy to be living in Gilroy, California, with his wife of thirty-five years.

Michael Snell is the Chairman/President of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Internet Society.