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This pack contains Internet Society presentation template (PPT), report template (DOC) and letterhead template (DOC).

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For simplicity and ease of use, our logo is available in two versions; dark (for use on light backgrounds) and light (for use on dark backgrounds).

The wordmark in our logo is not a font and should never appear without the symbol. Our symbol is a graphic element that we can use for illustrative purposes, please see graphics section for guidance.

For clarity and standout, our logo should be given room to breathe. We have a recommended minimum clear space, shown below.

Minimum clear space Based on half of the symbol

The clear space is a recommended minimum. Our logo should always be given as much space as possible.

When positioning our logo, we have three options that are flexible for use across different types of layout.




The primary position for our logo is left aligned where it can be placed at any point down the page.

Centred and right-aligned logos should be placed in one of three positions as outlined; top, middle or bottom.

To help differentiate between Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIG) each has its own version of the Internet Society logo.

Where necessary, translated Chapter and SIG logos are also available. Please contact for more information.

The Internet Society logo and Chapter/SIG logos are fixed assets. They should not be changed or edited in any way. Below we have outlined some examples of what to avoid.

Do not recolor

Do not add or embellish

Do not add effects or resize elements

Do not stretch

Do not change fonts

Do not add a gradient

Please contact if you are unsure about any of the usage principles.