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Our core identifying colours are bright blue, green and navy; supported by neutral tones. For an extended range of colour, we have depth and accent palettes, to be used sparingly.

Ground palette Used as core identifying colours

Neutral palette Used for large moments of calm

Depth palette Used for rich tonal support

Vibrant palette Used sparingly for standout and character

For consistency and accuracy across all touchpoints, we have defined colour values for onscreen and print. For onscreen applications use RGB/HEX values, for print use CMYK/PMS values.

Ground navy R12. G28. B44.
C100. M90. Y10. K76.
PMS 5395

Ground blue R58. G130. B228.
C80. M40. Y0. K0.
PMS 2172

Ground green R64. G178. B164.
C80. M5. Y35. K0.
PMS 326

Neutral white R238. G242. B236.
C8. M4. Y9. K0.
PMS Cool Gray 1

Neutral putty R222. G216. B208.
C15. M13. Y19. K0.
PMS 7527

Neutral green R208. G230. B218.
C17. M0. Y12. K0.
PMS 573

Depth green R8. G88. B86.
C88. M39. Y57. K39.
PMS 7722

Depth blue R36. G54. B110.
C98. M85. Y26. K14.
PMS 7687

Depth teal R20. G62. B80.
C92. M60. Y45. K43.
PMS 2182

Accent purple R126. G36. B92.
C50. M95. Y28. K22.
PMS 249

Accent orange R210. G82. B56.
C12. M77. Y79. K0.
PMS 1665

Accent yellow R238. G202. B74.
C4. M18. Y78. K0.
PMS 129

Colour palettes are available within the core asset download in RGB and CMYK ASE swatches. They are also built into our document templates.

Throughout our applications we can use our full range of colour. However, we should appear mostly in our rich blue/green spectrum, using our accent colours sparingly.

When applying colour, there are a number of considerations. Below, we have outlined a few key uses that should be avoided.

Avoid low colour contrast

Avoid overusing colours

Avoid pairing jarring bright colours

Use accent colours sparingly

Please contact if you are unsure about any of the usage principles.

For onscreen and web applications, it is recommended to meet AA colour contrast accessibility for text visibility. Below are colour combinations for text at 18pt.