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Internet Society Establishes First Regional Bureau, in Africa

September 2006

Recognizing, in the words of Internet Society President and CEO Lynn St. Amour, that “all that’s global is truly local,” the Internet Society embarks on a regionalization strategy, spearheaded by the creation of Regional Bureaus. First to be established, in Addis Ababa, is the Regional Bureau in Africa.

The Africa Bureau devotes particular focus to issues of Internet education (access and development), cybersecurity, mobile Internet, the cost of online connection, and policy in support of the development of an open and user-defined Internet.

Regional Bureaus play a key role in driving a full range of operational activities such as policy, technology, capacity development, and membership, in a manner tailored to unique local needs. They are also instrumental in building local collaboration and engagement in the Internet Society’s mission, including supporting the growth and empowerment of chapters.

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