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Chapter Admin Funding

The Chapter Admin Funding programme offers annual funding to support Internet Society Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to manage their day-to-day activities and to maximise their effectiveness.

2019 Application

Programme Objectives

  • Strengthen Chapter and SIG administrative operations
  • Assist Chapters and SIGs establish as formal legal entities
  • Improve Chapter performance
  • Contribute to maintaining an active and dynamic Chapter and SIG Community

What do we Support

The areas supported by Chapter Admin funding range from:

  • Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs)’s official local legal registration
  • Legal and accounting costs
  • Costs incurred in relation to the opening of an official Chapter/SIG bank account
  • Liability insurance for the Officers of the Chapters
  • Contributions to the Chapter Toolkit project run by the ISOC NL Chapter
  • Membership management
  • Invoice processing
  • Organisation of the general assembly, and
  • General admin support

For the full list of supported activities, please refer to the List of Costs.

The following activities are not supported:

  • Organisation of external events/projects, for this purpose, please apply for Beyond the Net Chapter Small Programme
  • Travel costs for Chapter officers, Board members or Chapter members
  • Compensation of Chapter officers for voluntary engagement


Chapter Admin Funding is available to the Internet Society Chapter and Special Interest Group (SIG) Communities only.

  • Only Internet Society Chapters and SIGs in good standing (or pre-rejuvenation) are eligible to apply for the amounts determined via the Chapter Performance Evaluation (see below). They must meet the minimum Chapter standards as outlined in the Chapter’s Charter.
  • SIGs may apply for admin funds. However, if the SIG does not have an official SIG bank account, they will have to work on this application together with a local Chapter, and define the responsibilities of both parties via an MoU that must be submitted together with the application by the Chapter. If approved, the Chapter is responsible for the funds and reporting on the expenses and implementation of admin tasks of the SIG for which the funding was received.
  • Applications from Chapters undergoing a rejuvenation process will not be considered.
  • To be eligible for this year’s grants, Chapters and SIGs must have submitted required funding reports from previous years.
  • Only Chapters with an official bank account according to the name of their official local legal registration in their name can receive Internet Society funds.

Funding available

The max. amount for which each Chapter/SIG is eligible depends on the results of their performance evaluation.

In 2019, the amounts available to each Chapter/SIG are based on the Dec 2018 performance evaluation results:

  • A or B grades: up to 3000 USD
  • C grade: up to 2000 USD
  • D grade: up to 1000 USD
  • E grade: not eligible for Admin funding

Application Deadline

The online application for 2019 Admin funding was open from 10 September until 31 October 2019.

Application Review Process

Applications are reviewed by Internet Society staff to determine whether the activities fit the programme guidelines. Feedback is provided during the this period and, if necessary, staff will reach out for additional information about the submitted application.

Disbursement of Funds

At the time of approval of their application, the Chapter or the SIG is required to sign the Internet Society Grant Agreement.

Please note that depending on the circumstances (e.g. additional information needed), the review period up to the actual disbursement can take several weeks.

Reporting Requirements

The Chapter or the SIG is requested to describe and evaluate the activities undertaken and report on the use of admin funds received at the end of the year, based on the originally submitted financial plan.

The Chapter or the SIG is also requested to keep all invoices for reporting and audit purposes.

In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the Chapter or the SIG may be asked to return funds to the Internet Society and will not be eligible to apply for future funding.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact chapter-support@isoc.org or read ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this program replacing the small grants program?
    Both programs are under to Beyond the Net program, but they are not exclusive among them, this means that Chapters can apply for admin funds and for small grants as well.
  • Is this program replacing website support?
    Yes, all administrative costs as website maintenance, local registrations, legal and accounting costs, liability insurance for the Officers of the Chapters, membership management, invoice processing, organization of the general assembly, or even general admin support should be included in the budget.
  • How will reporting work and do we have to present receipts for reporting?
    When you apply, you will be asked for a budget and you will be granted with a period of time to spend it, then you will be asked to provide a reporting on how you finally use the money. We won’t ask for receipts, however, we will audit a random percentage of our Chapters per region, so, Chapters should keep the receipts for each applying period. Chapters that fail the audit, can not apply for the next period.
  • Can the methodology of the Chapter Evaluation change?
    Yes, for next year we will definitely do some changes according to Chapters and RBDs feedback.
  • What happens if my Chapter have pending reports to Beyond the Net?
    The Chapter will not be able to apply until the pending information is provided as requested and on time.
  • How can my Chapter know the amount that will be awarded?
    Every Chapter will be notified one day before the program opens. Information will be sent to the board according to the information in the system. ISOC will not be responsible for incorrect information in system, so please update information accordingly.