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Help Shape Tomorrow

Our goal – to bring the open, global and secure Internet to everyone – is more urgent than ever.

For 25 years, Internet Society members from around the world have worked toward this goal. We thank you for being a member, for contributing to the Internet community, and for continuing to be an advocate for the open, accessible Internet.

Our 2017 Global Internet Report shows how far we have come, but also that there is still much more to do. We need to create change on a large scale and to build a digital future that puts humanity at the heart of the Internet.

Together – with over 100,000 global members, 150 organization members, and 130 Chapters and special interest groups – we can take action and help shape tomorrow.

Need inspiration? Look at what people around the world are doing to make a difference for the future of the Internet.

As you know, the Internet Society works in many ways and in many places. We educate the next generation of Internet Leaders, work with partners to build Community Networks, provide insight on public policy, champion open standards, and foster development projects. Our chapters are leaders in their local communities. Your financial contribution can help to grow these and many more initiatives like them.

Can we count on your support today to continue this work and increase its impact around the world? Please make a secure online donation now and help shape tomorrow.

Thank you so much for supporting Internet Society’s work around the world. We encourage you to get involved in your local chapter, and look forward to even greater impact in the next 25 years.

Todd M. Tolbert
Chief Administrative Officer
Internet Society

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