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Get Involved! Support an Open Internet! - TRANSCRIPT

0:14 the value of having young people involved in the chapter activities is one,
0:18 we feel that these are the next generation leaders and they are the ones who are mostly
0:22 connecting online, so having them involved in
0:26 issues of how the internet is run, how it can benefit them
0:31 is really important to the Uganda chapter
0:32 It's always good to have new blood
0:35 and active blood
0:36 and uh...
0:37 and most of all
0:40 it's good to know that there is someone to take over
0:43 afterwards to sustainability
0:45 We think that it is a very great opportunity for
0:47 young people to work with us in
0:51 different projects
0:53 internet related projects
0:55 and so that they can learn more about what is internet and what is
0:58 happening around the world
0:59 as well as behind the scenes
1:02 of the internet
1:04 on the other side it also provide resources for these chapters
1:07 All young members,
1:09 I would say get involved, use your voice. This is so important
1:14 you have a place, you have the opportunity, you have the whole Internet Society
1:18 community
1:20 across the world to hear you
1:22 and they are interested to hear
1:24 from you and
1:26 also to share with you their learning
1:31 We are focusing on university students
1:32 trying to give them all the tools, all the possibilities to know that they can make
1:36 a change through ISOC
1:39 they can decide how the internet will look like later on
2:27 I think the value is in expanding the awareness of what
2:32 internet brings us a possibility for communicating
2:35 for
2:36 reaching out
2:38 for conveying new messages to
2:41 a wider audience at the same time that it allows us to
2:45 foster a different kind of leadership that is not necessarily what we're used
2:50 to seeing
2:51 the use of the internet lends itself for a new form of human
2:56 relationships
2:57 uh...
2:59 and in this day and age I think that we have to make better use of technology
3:34 My message for next generation and the next generation of leaders
3:38 will be that join ISOC, because
3:40 there are a lot of opportunities to
3:42 your ideas to become true so you can change the
3:49 way of internet, the way of internet development and you can meet
3:54 a lot of interesting people and professionals connected with internet
3:58 and the people make the internet today