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Deploy360 16 novembre 2017

Deploy360 at IETF 100, Day 5: Zaìjiàn from the Lion City

Kevin Meynell
Par Kevin MeynellSenior Manager, Technical and Operational Engagement

There’s a couple of sessions of interest on the last day of IETF 100 before we wrap up for the week. Friday is only a half-day, but still manages to fit in sessions on human rights considerations and encryption. Human rights is not a topic that Deploy360 typically covers, but we have been increasingly asked to discuss the IRTF initiative on Human Rights Protocols Considerations. (There’s also a recent IETF Journal article on Human Rights Protocol Considerations.)

HRPC is researching the human rights threats on the Internet, whether standards and protocols can enable or threaten these, and is developing recommendations on developing Internet protocols around this. It recently published RFC 8080 outlining human rights threats on the Internet, and will be meeting at 09.30 SGT/UTC+8 to discuss three other drafts relating to Freedom of Association on the Internet, the Politics of Standards, and Unrequested Communications. There will also be a presentation on Chainiac: end-to-end software supply chain security and transparency, plus the next steps forward will be discussed.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend IETF 100 in person, there are multiple ways to participate remotely.

PERC is also meeting at the same time, and has three drafts up for discussion. Encrypted Key Transport (EKT) is an extension to DTLS and SRTP and enables decentralized conferences by distributing a common key to all of the conference endpoints. STRP Double Encryption Procedures allow an intermediary to be able to manipulate some RTP parameters, while still providing strong end-to-end security guarantees. The last of the three drafts describes a framework for ensuring that media confidentiality and integrity are maintained end-to-end within the context of a switched conferencing environment where media distributors are not trusted with the end-to-end media encryption keys.

So that brings the one hundredth meeting of the IETF to a close, and it’s goodbye from us in Singapore. Many thanks for reading along this week… please do read our other IETF 100-related posts … and we’ll see you at IETF 101 on 17-23 March 2018 in London, United Kingdom!

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