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Alessia Zucchetti

Alessia Zucchetti

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Alessia Zucchetti (Uruguay) is the Research Project Manager and Coordinator of Ceibal Foundation in Uruguay. Alessia has been involved in Internet governance and policy for the past four years, and her current work includes developing and managing national and international ICT projects and programmes, capacity-building initiatives, and providing policy assessment in education & technology, digital citizenship, open access, privacy and data protection, among other fields. Before joining Ceibal Foundation, she worked at the Directorate General of the European Commission (Brussels) and the Information and Communications Center of the European Commission (Italy). She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and a Master of Arts in Mass Media and Political Science. Alessia is a Past Fellow of the South School of Internet Governance and is currently involved with organizing the YouthIGF in Uruguay.

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