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LAC Chapter Travel Fellowship 2018


The objective of 2018 LAC Chapters’ workshop is to engage & mobilize LAC Chapters into 2018 Campaigns fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Support Chapters in the execution of their own initiatives
  • Provide Chapter fellows with training and skills to execute Chapter initiatives
  • Promote regional collaboration and networking

Workshop Dynamic : Fellows’ responsabilities

Before the workshop 

  1. Each Chapter will select 1 of the 4 campaigns that better align to local needs
  2. Chapter will select 1 fellow to develop a Chapter initiative related to the Campaign. This fellow will be the leader of the Campaign for the Chapter.
  3. Chapter will work with the fellow in creating an initiative
  4. The fellow will create a proposal and send it to staff
  5. Staff will provide fellows with training and knowledge to better execute the initiative.
    Training 1
    Fellowship specifics : Requirements , Resources, webinars, examples of initiatives , etc
    Training 2
    Leadership : How to work with volunteers
    oProject Management: Basic tools to manage a project in a volunteer environment
    Training 3
    Content : General Specifics of the topics related to the selected Campaign

During the workshop

Actively participate in the different activities

After the workshop

  • Fellows will send improved proposals to staff
  • Fellow will execute the initiative before the end of 2018

Chapter requirements

  • Has regular activities with their members (at least 1 per year)
  • Has signed the most recent MOU.
  • Has more than 25 members and is open to membership without restrictions and according to statutes.
  • Had elections according to the statutes
  • We will also take into account aspects such as: pending members and participation in ISOC activities and calls.

Fellow Requirements

General requirements

  • Approval from the Chapter to apply (Only 1 fellow per Chapter)
  • Chapter member since 2 years ago
  • Have not participated in a workshop in last 3 years
  • Preferably  not part of Chapter board ( Exception : New Chapters –less than 2 years-)
  • Valid Passport for 6 months – ready to travel
  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in one or more campaigns (CV is required)
  • intermediate level of English (should be able to read and write in English)

Obligations of the Fellow

Before the Workshop

  • Participate in preparatory virtual sessions (mandatory attendance ).
  • Take inforum online training about IG
  • Preparation of reports or documents on specific topics to be developed during the workshop.
  • Collaborate and work proactively with the Chapter to develop a Chapter initiative under Campaign topic
  • Having a passport ready to travel
  • Read the travel guide that will be distributed one week before the workshop
  • Send travel information on time and according to deadlines

IMPORTANT: Fellows that fail to ANY OF THIS REQUIREMENTS, will loose their fellowship inmediately.

After the Workshop

  • Once the workshop is finished, the fellow should execute the initiative before the end of 2018.

What does the fellowship covers

  • Lodging during the whole event including LACIGF (breakfast included).
  • Entry to the chapter workshop
  • Lunch and Dinner during Chapter workshop
  • Air tickets: A travel agent will be assigned to schedule the trip. The ticket to select will be the most comfortable within the agency’s options. Only one option will be sent to the fellow. 
  • Fellows cannot extend the terms of the air ticket or lodging. Fellows can decide if they want to assist the workshop and LACIGF or just the workshop.
  • A total of $ 150 in per diem will be given at the end of the workshop day
  • ISOC will not cover visas , vaccines or passport costs
  • ISOC will not cover lunch or dinner during LACIGF
  • ISOC will not cover any additional costs related to LACIGF
  • Entrance to LACIGF is free charge, but the fellow is responsible to self-register to the event.
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