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Marco d’Itri is a long time advocate of IPv6 and DNSSEC and has been involved with the Italian Internet community since the late ’90s. Since 2006 he works for Seeweb, an Italian cloud infrastructure provider, where he designs and manages the network, DNS and other services. He has been a Debian developer for 20 years. Read more

Megan Kruse

Director, Partner Engagement and Communications

Megan Kruse is the Director, Partner Engagement and Communications. Working across departments and projects, she identifies, develops, and implements engagement opportunities for organizations that further the Internet Society’s mission and work around the globe. She also serves as a subject matter expert on multiple projects, particularly Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) and Open Standards Everywhere (OSE). Megan joined… Read more

Nathalie Trenaman

IPv6 Program Manager, RIPE NCC

Nathalie Trenaman is the IPv6 Program Manager at the RIPE NCC. In this role, Nathalie raises awareness about IPv6 and how it can be deployed, providing information and support at both technical and managerial levels. Nathalie is also responsible for the ongoing development of training course material. In her additional role as a Trainer, Nathalie also travels throughout the RIPE… Read more

Dr. Richard Lamb

Sr. Progam Manager DNSSEC, ICANN

Dr. Richard Lamb is part of ICANN’s Security team and has over 35 years of Internet experience as engineer, entrepreneur, and policy expert. His interests have been intertwined with the progress of technology, starting at an early age with radio and progressing to integrated circuitry, computers, networking and then the Internet. Currently responsible for DNSSEC efforts at ICANN, including outreach… Read more

Bernard Mallia

CEO, Equinox Advisory Ltd.

Bernard is the CEO of Equinox Advisory Ltd., the Managing Director of Equinox Academy Ltd. and the Board Chairman of the Institute for Research and Improvement in Social Sciences (IRISS). He is an experienced consultant and adviser in the fields of economics, project management, ICT and Information Systems and has a polymathic background. He was awarded his first degree in… Read more

Klaus Nieminen

Communications Network Specialist, Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA)

Klaus Nieminen is a seasoned expert with 15 years of experience in the fields of soft regulation, technical regulation and standardization. He has been responsible in FICORA for overall development of technical regulations. Mr. Nieminen has chaired multiple national working groups that were formed to develop new best practices and recommendations from technical network and interconnection specifications to new service… Read more

Adam Peake

Global Civil Society Engagement, ICANN

Adam is responsible for ICANN’s relations with civil society organizations, including academia, and supporting non-commercial participation in ICANN’s multi-stakeholder model. Before joining ICANN in December 2014, Adam spent more than two decades as a senior researcher at the Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan, where he worked on projects related to telecommunications and Internet policy. Adam has… Read more

Clara Scerri Delia

Technical Specialist, Malta Communications

Clara joined the MCA as a technical specialist in 2005. Since then, Clara has led initiatives dealing with spectrum management, broadband proliferation, emergency services, legal interception and IPv6, to name a few. Furthermore, Clara has been involved in projects promoting innovation and technical investment; attempting to embrace the MCA’s regulatory hat whilst, concurrently, encouraging and assisting the adoption and deployment… Read more

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Date and Time

Monday 18 September 2017 –

Tuesday 19 September 2017


MITA Data Centre

Old Railway Track
Santa Venera, Malta

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