Everest Needs Fiber Internet.
You Can Help.

There are two choices for the local youth in the villages of Khunde and Khumjung when deciding on what they’ll do when they become adults. They can either join the local tourism industry, likely as guides for Everest trekkers, or leave their homes to pursue opportunities in larger cities.

This lack of choice is largely due to the isolation of the villages and challenges facing the community, like climate change. Not only is travel to and from the area difficult, until recently, communicating with the rest of the world has been a challenge because of a lack of Internet connectivity.

We need your help bringing fiber Internet to Everest.

Earlier in 2022, the Internet Society built a community network for the villages—the highest in the world. This community network has since helped connect locals with new information, resources, and opportunities, but still the majority of the 1,700+ people living in the village are not connected to the Internet.

Why Fiber?

The current community network only gives the Sherpa people access to the Internet in their community center building. With fiber-optic cable, we can connect the rest of the population to high-speed Internet.

Deploying a fiber network takes careful planning, the right people, and state-of-the-art equipment. Your donation supports the new network itself, plus everything else the Sherpa people will need to maintain and use it to digitally transform their lives. This includes:

  • Local capacity building
  • A telehealth clinic at the Khunde hospital
  • A Sherpa innovation lab to innovate in areas like farming techniques
  • Support for Sherpa Home Stay services, so trekkers and climbers can visit and stay in the villages
  • Supplementary educational opportunities for students
  • Deployment of a monitoring and security system using IP-based cameras

Image copyright: © João Aguiar/Internet Society