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CloudFlare Publishes Excellent Introduction To DNSSEC

CloudFlare logo

The team over at CloudFlare published an excellent introduction to DNSSEC today that is well worth a read.  CloudFlare has developed a reputation for writing blog posts that provide a solid level of technical depth and this one certainly does.  Nick Sullivan starts by walking through the basics of DNS and including some packet captures and Read more…

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A Quick Ebook To Learn About IPv6: The Consumer Guide

Are you looking for a quick way to learn more about IPv6 and how to get started?  Would you like to quickly set up a computer to test out IPv6 and learn how to use it? If so, check out the Consumer Guide: All About IPv6.  Published by the Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter, this ebook Read more…

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Video: Cisco’s Hangout on “Enabling IPv6 In Your Network”

It’s the second day of 2014. Are you at work looking to get started with deploying IPv6 in your network? Or are you at home on holiday break and looking for something educational to watch online?  Was deploying IPv6 one of your New Year’s Resolutions? If so, you might be interested in watching this Google+ Read more…

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Free Ebook: IPv6 for IPv4 Experts (in English and Russian)

IPv6 for IPv4 Experts book

Looking for some reading over the holiday break? Want to learn more about IPv6 and how you can be a part of the ongoing transition of the Internet? If so, Yar Tikhiy has written a free ebook, “IPv6 for IPv4 Experts” that is available from: The book is available in English in two forms Read more…

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Second Free IPv6 Webinar Tomorrow (Weds) – IPv6 Transition Technologies

Africa IPv6 Heat Map

If you missed today’s IPv6 webinar sponsored by AFRINIC, y0u still have a chance to join in tomorrow when the focus will be primarily on “IPv6 transition technologies” and how you can connect your network to IPv6.  More information and the registration link can be found here: Tomorrow session starts again at 13:00 UTC (15:00 Read more…

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4 Outstanding IPv6 Transition Videos From RIPE NCC

IPv6 Transition Videos From RIPE NCC

Want to understand what various IPv6 transition mechanisms are available to help you with the move to IPv6?  Interested in understanding the differences between “6in4”, “6RD”, “NAT64” and “DS-Lite”? (Or what they even are?) If so, our friends over at the RIPE NCC have put together a set of four IPv6 transition videos that are Read more…

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New Tutorial: Making Content Available Over IPv6

How can you best make your web content available over IPv6? What are the different strategies you can use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using dual-stack, load balancers, 6to4, NAT64 and proxy servers? On this, the 1st anniversary of World IPv6 Launch, we are delighted to publish a new tutorial on this exact Read more…

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“Introduction To DNSSEC” Animated Videos Uploaded To YouTube

With the buzz over Google’s news about DNSSEC yesterday, we’ve seen a large surge of visitors to our DNSSEC-related resources and in the midst of that someone pointed out that the excellent introduction to DNSSEC video from Shinkuro, Inc., was no longer available on YouTube. Given that we work well with the Shinkuro team, we Read more…

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