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Another Great DNSSEC Statistics Site For Second-Level Domains –

DNSSEC stats

Want to know how many domains are signed with DNSSEC under each top-level domain (TLD)?  We now have another site to help!  For over a year now, every week I use a great site that Rick Lamb maintains at: so that I can find out what new domains I need to add to our Read more…

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nTLDStats Adds DNSSEC Statistics for New Generic Top-Level Domains (newgTLDs)

newgTLD DNSSEC stats

Hooray! The folks over at nTLDstats have now added a new tab that lets you see which of the 100s of new generic top-level domains (newgTLDs) are seeing the most second-level domains signed with DNSSEC. You can see the stats at: Here is a view of how it looks right now: The site shows Read more…

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Google’s IPv6 Traffic Hits 5% Globally, 28% in Belgium, 12% in USA and Germany

Google's IPv6 statistics at 5%

Outstanding news!  Today marked another milestone in the continued evolution of the Internet from the development version based on IPv4 to the production version of the Internet based on IPv6 – Google’s IPv6 traffic statistics showed that global traffic over IPv6 has passed the 5% mark!   Even better, if you go into the per-country IPv6 statistics, you Read more…

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Akamai Launches New IPv6 Trend Visualization Charts

Akamai IPv6 trends

Today the folks over at Akamai launched a new set of IPv6 statistics and trend visualization charts that help confirm the ongoing growth of IPv6 that we are seeing all around the world. Launched as part of Akamai’s “State of the Internet” (SOTI) Trends area, these new charts allow you to explore IPv6 deployment on Read more…

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Verizon Wireless Hits 56% IPv6, T-Mobile USA 40%, AT&T 24%

Verizon Wireless IPv6 Growth in September 2014

The September 2014 World IPv6 Launch measurements came out last week showing continued strong growth of IPv6.  Verizon Wireless’ deployment edged up over 56%. T-Mobile USA is now over 40% IPv6.  AT&T is getting closer to hitting 25%. Telefonica del Peru crossed over the 10% milestone.  As Mat Ford wrote over on the World IPv6 Launch Read more…

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New World IPv6 Launch Measurements – Comcast over 30%, AT&T over 20%

Comcast IPv6 measurements

The World IPv6 Launch measurements for July 2014 are out and among the top 10 networks in terms of volume Comcast has now crossed over the 30% mark for IPv6 deployment:   Also in North America, AT&T has crossed over the 20% mark and Time Warner Cable has crossed over 10% for the first time.  Verizon Wireless, who Read more…

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Finally! A DNSSEC Validation Trend Chart – Up And To The Right!

DNSSEC Validation world map

Finally!  What I’ve always wanted for tracking the growth of DNSSEC validation by DNS resolvers is some kind of “trend chart” along the lines of Google’s IPv6 Statistics page that could show the growth in DNSSEC validation.  At the recent ICANN DNSSEC Workshop in London Geoff Huston of APNIC provided to us that exact kind Read more…

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Google IPv6 Stats Pass 4% Globally, 20% in Belgium, 8% in USA, 11% in Switzerland

It seems that Belgium is beating the USA in more than just World Cup Soccer (What an amazing game!)… they are also doing it in IPv6 deployment! In looking at Google’s latest IPv6 statistics, my colleague Phil Roberts noted that IPv6 deployment globally has doubled in 9 months and is now over 4%.  It’s great to see Read more…

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Verizon Wireless Approaching 50% IPv6 In Latest World IPv6 Launch Measurements

Verizon Wireless IPv6 deployment

The latest World IPv6 Launch measurements of network operators were published yesterday and among the charts available for the top 10 networks was this great one showing Verizon Wireless’ network as almost hitting 50% IPv6 deployment: The actual measurement this month was 48.71% but on that growth path I expect we should see it climb Read more…

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Congratulations to Portugal’s .PT on their DNSSEC growth!

DNSSEC growth in Portugal

Tonight at the DNSSEC Implementers Gathering at ICANN 49 in Singapore, I was seated next to an attendee from the registry in Portugal that operates the .PT top-level domain and she let me know about some dramatic growth they had recently seen.  She also clued me in to their page that has their statistics Read more…

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