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May 31 Deadline For $40,000 Cybersecurity Grant For DNSSEC, RPKI, BGP and more

ISOC Cybersecurity Grant

Do you have an idea for a project related to DNSSEC, RPKI, BGP security or other security technologies? And will that project’s activities take place in the Asia-Pacific region?  (View the list of eligible countries and economies.) If so, the Information Society Information Fund (ISIF) Asia is seeking proposals for projects that can be funded Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF92, Day 3: IPv6 Operations, Sunset4, ACME and Global Internet Routing (GROW)

Jen Linkova at IETF 92

Today’s third day of IETF 92 turns out to be a quieter one for the topics we cover here on Deploy360.  The big activity will be in the first of two IPv6 Operations (v6OPS) working group sessions.  There will also be a reboot of the SUNSET4 working group and what should be an interesting discussion Read more…

Introducing RFC 7454: BGP Operations and Security

Securing BGP

Today I’m re-reading an IETF RFC that was published just this month. RFC 7454 is titled “BGP Operations and Security” and that’s exactly what it’s about. The documents’ abstract does a great job of summarizing the content: This document describes measures to protect the BGP sessions itself such as Time to Live (TTL), the TCP Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF91, Day 5: IDR (Securing BGP), IPv6 and heading on to ION Tokyo

Minions at IETF91

As the final day of IETF 91 opens there are only a few sessions left on the long IETF 91 agenda.  For us at Deploy360, our focus will mainly be on the Inter-Domain Routing (IDR) and IPv6 Maintenance (6MAN) meetings happening this morning.  Read on for more information… NOTE: If you are not in Honolulu but would like to Read more…

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Show Your Commitment To Routing Security – Join the MANRS Initiative!

Do you want to make the Internet’s routing infrastructure more secure?  Have you implemented anti-spoofing techniques to help protect against attacks such as DDoS attacks?  Have you secured your use of BGP on your network? If so, why not consider publicly showing your support by signing up as a participant in the MANRS initiative? This Read more…

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BGPmon: Using BGP Data To Fight Spam

BGPmon logo

Can we use BGP data to find email spammers? And could securing BGP provide a mechanism to help reduce spam? In a fascinating article on BGPmon’s site, Andree Toonk explores how they found that “IP squatting” is used by spammers.  Essentially the attack seems to work like this: The spammers identify a block of IP Read more…

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Watch ION Belfast Live TODAY To Learn About IPv6, DNSSEC, BGP and more

ION Belfast Logo

Want to learn the current state of IPv6 deployment? DNSSEC? Securing BGP and more? If so you can watch LIVE today our ION Belfast event at: Today’s ION agenda begins at 1:45 pm British Summer Time (UTC+1) and is packed with information about our topics. Sessions include: Two Years After World IPv6 Launch: Are We There Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF89, Day 4: dane, sunset4, v6ops, 6tisch, idr, dbound, eppext, sipcore and dnsop


The fourth day for our Deploy360 team at the 89th IETF meeting could perhaps best be described as “utter madness” as there are multiple working groups meeting on ALL of the topics we cover here:  IPv6, DNSSEC, securing BGP and even our new TLS for Applications area. In particular, several of the major DNS groups are holding Read more…

Deploy360@IETF89, Day 2: homenet, sidr, grow, dnse, 6man


Day 2 for the Deploy360 team here at the 89th IETF meeting is a big day for routing and for IPv6. Two of the main routing groups, SIDR and GROW, meet today, and our colleague Andrei Robachevsky recently wrote about the important work happening in both groups to make the Internet’s routing infrastructure more secure. Two Read more…

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Introducing A New Deploy360 Topic: Securing BGP


How can we help network operators ensure that their usage of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is as secure as possible?  How can we help enterprises who operate their own routing infrastructure make sure that they are keeping their own networks secure?  How can we help network operators at all levels make sure they are Read more…

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